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Nice to be so Naughty
A Christmas Movie
Dalila Caryn

Parts 14-17 Christmas challenge: The End!!

❄️GABRIELLA (grinning)
Oh, the sleigh ride was lovely (snickers) but not as romantic as he hoped. Turns out he hadn’t realized they hold fifteen people at a time and their line was so long they refused to let him rent out the whole thing. (giggling) but I loved it! We sat together and sang carols and after we had cider and cookies and wandered around looking at lights. It was lovely, once he got past being annoyed I think he had fun too. At first though, he was just fuming. He kept going on about the picture being a couple in a small sleigh. And the ticket guy kept saying “not this close to Christmas” (snickers) maybe I’ll book us a ride after Christmas. Maria would be so proud, I didn’t point out once that having OCD might have come in handy with planning.

Parts 12&13 Christmas challenge

Its like watching a Victorian romance over there. (mocking) Oh I couldn’t possibly touch you, but let me get as close as I can.


MARIA pulls melodramatic

romantic face. Laughs.


Don’t get me wrong, they’re cute.

Parts 10&11 Christmas challenge

JACK (enraged)
Its you, isn’t it? All day I’ve been untangling that mess and it was you the whole time! Thats why it was only design.
GABRIELLA (smirks)
You said to do my worst.


JACK lifts hands like he wants

to strangle GABRIELLA.

Parts 8&9 Christmas challenge

JACK (chuckles)
You know I get this vibe from your family.
Is it warm and welcoming?
Thats not exactly how I’d describe it.
MARIA (smirks, head cocked)
Great, sounds like you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Try not to break anything.❄️

Part 7 Christmas challenge

Where did Santa and the reindeer go?
I’m gonna bet, to the north pole to get ready for Christmas.
JACK (snorts)
Did he need the elves that used to stand on your monitor too?
Huh. (pretends shock) Looks like. (beat) What do you want?

Part 6 Christmas challenge

Santa never reveals his secrets.
Thats a magician. Santa revealed his secrets long ago: magic and slave labor. ☃️

Part 5 Christmas Challenge

 I decided not to get him fired, so the email I sent specifically said not to sit on my helpers lap.


Beat. GABRIELLA grinning.


Okay fine, I knew some people wouldn’t be able to resist.☃️

Parts 3+4 Christmas challenge

Sure Santa checks his list twice. But I’m updating “the man, the legend,” “to the woman the evil genius.”--❄️

Part 2 Christmas challenge

Check out scene 2 ❄️
"JACK (smiling)
She did this thing last year, (beat) every time she’d turn on her computer she’d start singing to herself. Really quiet, it wasn’t annoying or anything, just…weird. She’s weird. She'd like whisper (singing) Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow."

Fun/crazy Christmas writing project

"Call me a Who. I like Christmas—a lot."🌲

Meet Gabriella the protagonist of my fun holiday self challenge. I am attempting to write a Christmas themed movie in the 24 days before Christmas. Track my progress in my blog!

Happy Holidays