The Battle For The Sky

From Dalila Caryn and Evil Goddess Press
The first book in an exciting new trilogy 

In The Shadow of a Monster

Volume 1 

One knew only his love, the other only his rage, but both sisters are threatened by their father’s destructive legacy. 


There is no such thing as love. 

Baba’s words resound within Hadhi even after his death, as it feels like no one truly loves her. So trying to win the prince’s hand isn’t done with dreams of love. She only wants to improve her family’s fortunes and escape the pit of resentment they share. But more than just a prince  washed up in Maltuba. A gaggle of foreigners, a mystery woman, and a vengeance seeker upset Hadhi’s life threatening her family and giving her a glimpse of a love that could prove her father’s every word wrong.

The arrival of foreigners is the answer to Asha’s every adventurous dream. When a stranger offers her any one wish she cannot resist rushing into the world to show her family just what they are missing. 

Their upended world offers these sisters love, and adventure, and the chance to finally see one another—But will they be strong enough to abandon their lifelong battle and embrace what they truly deserve?

And will it even matter if they do?


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Before his heart started back up Hadhi had recovered herself enough to walk away further. So quiet and calm, were it not for the magnetic force of her Noam might have lost her in the shadows she meandered through. 

He needed to change the subject. He’d brought her out here to give her a moment of levity, not drag her further into the well of sorrow that surrounded her. But he had, in fact, made it worse. How was he to possibly clear that story from the air?  

“Kuffik!” Noam expelled  Azize’s favorite expletive with a little shake to release the tension. Hadhi spun around in shock. Noam was gratified to see the tiniest hint of a smile on her face. “That’s one of those few words I picked up in other languages. It seemed appropriate after your story.” 

She bit her lip, very nearly grinning. He rather missed seeing all of her teeth. 

“Gzufiga, and kuffik? Did Azize teach you only ugly words?” She asked. 

“Ugly? Oh dear, am I about to meet the disapproving Hadhi you were telling me about?” 

She snorted, swallowing her laugh. Noam grinned.

“What words would you teach me in his place?” Noam asked softly, slowly moving nearer to this quiet magnet. She looked away shyly. “You called the desert beautiful earlier. How would you say that?” Noam pressed. “What is your word for beautiful?”

“Ethuri,” she answered so softly the wind might have carried it away had not his ears been tugging near even the slightest sound she might make. 

“Ethuri,” Noam repeated. Looking at the back of her head, as she’d turned fully away from him now. “I like that. It’s a good word. Though I still think kuffik has its uses.” 

She giggled softly with her teeth, fighting to trap the sound inside her. They drifted into silence together. Noam rarely spent much time in silence, but he found he rather liked the quiet, with the right sort of companion.     


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Did You know Dalila Caryn created a language for The Battle for the Sky? And only partially to create her own curse words.

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