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Yenthe Joline

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a truly beautiful soul: Yenthe Joline, the illustrator of Dust House and the West Wind, as well as Future Queen, and upcoming books in the Forgotten Sister series. A few years ago before I published Future Queen, when I was growing in confidence as a publisher, as well as an author I decided I wanted a book map for my series. In fact I wasn't going to publish the book without it. So I set out to find an illustrator. I found several artists whose work I loved, truly there is some amazing stuff out there, but I found one picture of Yenthe's and I wanted to live in its world, so I kept looking and I found more and more that I loved. So I wrote to her, a total stranger, hoping to at least get a book map out of it, but not really expecting anything at all to happen. But Yenthe was enthusiastic and kind and as we emailed I found so much more than I ever expected: more art, shared passions, encouragement in my professional pursuits and a marvelous friendship!

I feel constantly blessed to have found her, both for the wonderful works of art we created together, and for the cherished friendship. I hope you will take a moment to check out her personal work at one of the websites below and see a bit of what I see. Also check out her shops! I have personally bought a bag or two, some pillowcases and journals...its hard to stop myself her work is so fun, it brings a smile to my face whenever I see it.

Check out Yenthe's merchandise at her shops in the links below:


Take a look at a few of the process pieces that don't make it into the book, but nevertheless touch my heart, and inspire me.

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