Coming Summer 2024: How to Swindle a Scoundrel

Summer 2024

Swing into a new Adventure 

Up to now Xin-yi has avoided many things, inclement weather, awkward conversation, missing her tea. She is a creature of comfort, but when her greatest treasure is stolen, threatening the home she's made there is only one reasonable choice: to brave the ugly world and get her treasure back. It's just unfortunate that in order to do that she needs the help of the smuggler who brought the thieves to her village in the first place, a scoundrel they call The River Serpent.
Shiraz isn't fond of the woman who called her and Makoa scum, insulted her ship, and is now demanding her assistance, without ready pay. But she has a few ideas for how to take revenge. But the trip to retrieve this "princess's" treasure is going to be a bit more than either of them planned on.

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