Future Queen

Future Queen

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In the second installment of the Forgotten Sister series, Crown Princess Rowan the Eternal—half human, half fairy—is slowly coming to grips with the Fairy heritage that has made her an outsider in the land of Stonedragon, which she will someday rule.

Trouble weighs heavily on Rowan’s mind. Sorcha, the evil Fairy queen and Rowan’s grandmother, has kidnapped several human girls from a nearby kingdom. Rowan struggles with the guilt of sending her friend Petal on a perilous mission into the Fairy realm to rescue the girls—all the while terribly aware of the fateful curse that lingers over the head of her own sister, Roisin.

Meanwhile, Crown Prince Gavin struggles to hold the people of Turrlough together amid the Fairy queen’s chaos. In an effort to end the turmoil, Gavin plots to poison Sorcha and restore peace to his kingdom. But Sorcha’s devious powers soon force Rowan’s allies to question their allegiances, spelling trouble for all.

The weight of the world rests on Rowan’s shoulders as she desperately strives to fulfill the expectations of her father and the people of Stonedragon—and at the same time protect those she loves from deceit and harm.